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Wholesaler & Distributor

About StedCal Exports 

Who are we?

We are US registered international purchasers, distributors and wholesalers of merchandize produced in the United States and internationally. We source and resell authentic brands of products worldwide and provide purchasing services to markets in Latin America and the Caribbean. StedCal Exports has arrangements with outlets and shipping companies globally. We are set up to Save Customers Money and provide Hassle Free Sourcing of merchandize. Typically, customers save between 10% and 45% when shopping with StedCal.

Caribbean Projects:

We offer specialized services to Caribbean customers and partner with SwiftPac to provide direct delivery service to customers in the Caribbean. StedCal also sources products within the Caribbean for exports regionally and to international markets. StedCal will also collaborate with local manufacturers in the Caribbean to help get their product to new markets.

Volume Purchases:

We are wholesalers and distributors. We do not typically sell retail to the Public. StedCal will supply pallet and container loads of merchandize shipped directly to customers. We also bundle and consolidate items so that customers can meet the Minimum Purchase requirement.

Purchase Online - Pick-up in Country:

Customers can also become part of our wholesale club to make smaller purchases online and pick-up in country. Online Prices are normally inclusive of freight, duties and taxes to destination. Customers can bundle two (2) or more items to meet purchase minimum. Once you purchase online, some items are available locally in country for Pick-up: same day or next day. Get products when you need it without paying the high mark-ups! StedCal sells at wholesale prices with a service charge of no more than 9.5%. We typically save customers up to 35% off local prices.

StedCal Special Affiliations:

SwiftPac members in the Caribbean benefit from special discounts and preferred service when shopping with StedCal. This includes members of SwiftPac Pet Club, Vehicle Parts Express, Boat Parts Express and Groceries Express. Subscribers for these services automatically receive product discounts up to 10% lower than list price in some cases.

Pet Club
Vehicle Parts
Boat Parts


Items we Supply and Distribute:

  • Building materials & tiles
  • Equipment & vehicle parts
  • Electronics
  • Plumbing parts & tools
  • Food & perishable products
  • Pet Food & other Supplies
  • Office Equipment & Supplies
  • Household Appliances
  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • Household and Cleaning Products
  • Biodegradable food containers
  • Industrial and Commercial products
  • Restaurant and Food Service equipment
  • Security Equipment
  • Access Control and Automatic gate openers
  • Standby Generators and Pressure Washers
  • Hurricane Shutters
  • Hurricane Impact Windows

   StedCal Exports specializes in supplying products for Disaster Relief and Recovery.

Our Suppliers:

We shop from thousands of suppliers and manufacturers. We also have special purchasing arrangements with companies including:

Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Amazon Business, Sam’s Club Wholesale and Rex Chemicals.


Who do we Service?

StedCal offers service to: 

  • Small retailers and Shops
  • Wholesale club members
  • Food Service establishments
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Building and Cleaning Contractors
  • Disaster Relief Agencies
  • Government & Institutions
  • Offices
  • Vets and Pet Supply resellers
  • Auto Repair & Mechanic Shops
  • Auto Parts Suppliers
  • Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Manufacturers