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Wholesaler & Distributor

Shipping and Delivery

At StedCal, our shipping arrangements are designed to get your merchandize to you in the fastest possible time and at the best available rate. Some merchandize will take longer than other to be shipped based of the fulfillment warehouse. We offer various shipping options and urge you to pick the best suited option.
Vehicle Shipment: Vehicles are shipped from Japan & the USA. Shipping time varies according to destination. Shipping of vehicles can take two (2) weeks to (2) months after payment depending on Origin and final Destination.
Electronics, Parts and other Consumables: Shipping options for these items ranges from Next Day Express Service to twelve (12) days economy depending on selected option and destination.
Sometimes you need to receive certain items in your order sooner than others. That's why, every time you place an order via our order form, you can choose from one of these shipping preferences:
  • Group Items for Consolidated shipments
  • Express Shipments Ship items as soon as they become available (at additional cost) Express.
Read below for more information on each option.
Consolidated Shipments:
Trying to keep shipping costs down? Choose this first option. We'll consolidate your items into the fewest shipments possible. (We'll always show you the minimum number of shipments needed to complete your order.) Depending on the availability of the items you're purchasing, you might have to wait a bit longer for your order to ship, but you'll save money on shipping. The number of shipments we make for your order is dependent upon items requiring special shipping and handling. Items that require special shipping and handling (for example, items that are large and/or heavy) are marked on their product detail pages as such and will ship separately from other items in your order. Note that in some cases, these items require an adult signature upon delivery.
In some cases, you might receive more shipments than we indicated you would when you placed your order. Regardless, we will never charge you more for shipping than the amount that was originally quoted to you at the time you place your order. Be aware that items listed as having Not Yet Released or Back Ordered availability can potentially delay shipments that are designated to be grouped into as few shipments as possible.
I want my items faster. Ship them as soon as they become available (at additional cost)
Ordering items with different availabilities? Don't let the slower items hold up the rest of your order! Choose this option to have your items ship Express.